It’s been nine months since our shop Steadfast Delights had it’s grand opening. Since then we have seen many friendly faces come through, some old friends and some new. We are thankful for each and every person that has supported us in our venture in any way, whether by grabbing a quick after dinner treat or by saying a quick bedtime prayer. As Small Business Saturday approaches, we thought we would share some of the values and hopes of our small, family business. 
You’ve heard it said that when you support a small business, you aren’t sending your money to some far off, unknown place, but instead you are “helping a little girl get dance lessons, a little boy get his team jersey, a mom put food on the table, a dad pay a mortgage or a student pay for college.” I can say this is certainly true for our family. We stepped out on a little cloud of hope and faith when we opened the doors to our ice cream and coffee shop. We believed we were doing the right thing. We believed we were following the path laid before us. There is never any real guarantee though, is there? There is still always that recessive fear that says it’s crazy to place the family’s well being in the fluctuating swing of the shop door.
Still we poured ourselves into it and continue to do so. We spent many a midnight building the cabinets and counters that furnish our shop. We have spent early mornings cooking ingredients for the best burritos. We watched countless YouTube videos to educate ourselves on how to make a latte. We have laid awake at night thinking about how to reach more people with our advertising on a limited budget. We have literally ran to meet catering and banking deadlines. We have worked in the freezing cold and the blistering heat offering our products to people. We have sweat, cried, panicked and collapsed in exhaustion. And for what? So that we can become rich? So that we can have some sort of social status? No. The answer is in the picture of those three beautiful kids above.   
  We are not unique among parents in our hopes for our children. And yet for something so prevalent and natural as a parent’s love, there truly is so little that surpasses it in terms of passion and dedication. When we look at them here is what we dream of, what we pray they see in us: 
-That they would love God first and people second above all other things the world has to offer.
-That they would become people that go the extra mile, accomplishing every task, whether large or small, to an excellent degree. 
-That they would have skills in many areas that surpass most people. 
-That they would make logical decisions that coincide with faith. 
-That they would show leadership skills and use those skills to help people in material and immaterial ways. 
-That they would treat people better than even they expect to be treated. 
-That they would be honest and transparent in large and small matters, even when it’s painful to do so. 
-That they would sacrifice things that ultimately do not matter in the name of not compromising on the things that do matter.  
-That they would persevere when they feel called to do so, even when it seems as though things couldn’t be worse. 
-That they would have strong hearts and minds that know right from wrong and show compassion, grace and truth to others. 
-That they have confidence in who they are because they know from where they come, to where they are going and to whom they belong. 

-That they would find and not forsake hope and joy in the midst of all that must be endured in life and count themselves blessed.

We certainly aren’t perfect, but we strive every day to show these values to our children. Owning our business, our little corner of the world, our small circle of influence, if you will, allows us to impart these values in ways that we couldn’t otherwise. Whether our business grows to a height of financial satisfaction or not, these intangible but very real things, perhaps even more real, we will give to our children. 
That is what it means to be steadfast. 

So whether it’s ours or someone else’s, shop at a small business this Saturday. Their kids will thank you for it. 

“…and after you have suffered for a little while, he will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.”

1 Peter 5:10